This device is brought to you by an international team of passionate engineers and designers. We put a lot of heart and effort into creating a product that can be proudly called a high-tech masterpiece. We sincerely hope it exceeds your expectations and provides you with an unparalleled experience for years to come.

ME4 Wireless White

This esports-class wireless mouse combines top-notch electronic components with thoughtful design. Fast wireless connection, large battery and modular design provides the most comfortable gaming experience. And the most accurate sensor on the market along with fast and responsive buttons makes the ME4 the ultimate gaming weapon.

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We design our mice as a professional esport weapon meaning it should be as fast and sharp as your own eyes and as reliable as your hands. Every mouse comes with thoughtful ergonomic design, best in class sensor and top-notch micro switches engineered for gamers.

Flawless Sensor ME4

The Pixart PAW 3395 is arguably one of the highest-performing optical mouse sensors currently on the market. It provides fast and precise tracking for gamers and other demanding users. With a maximum resolution of up to 26000 DPI and low lift-off distance, it offers accurate and responsive movement even at high speeds, and anti-drift technology reduces jitter for improved tracking stability.

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Wireless or wired mode

5 programmable buttons

Ultralight 73 grams

Optical sensor Pixart PAW 3395


Symmetrical mouse suitable for both right- and left-handed users

Optical sensor Pixart PAW 3395 with a maximum resolution of up to 26000 DPI and low lift-off distance

Polling frequency up to 1000 Hz

Two operating modes: Wireless (2.4 GHz) or wired mode

Kailh GM 8.0 microswitches

Huano White Dot side microswitches

F-Switch wheel encoder

500 mAh battery

100% PTFE mouse feet

Approximate size 125x60x37 mm

Weight 73g



Replacement keys and back without honeycomb

Detachable lightweight paracord cable


System Requirements

PC with a free USB port

Additional software

Download Dark Project software