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Fuji Keycaps [ANSI & ISO]

This exquisite keycap set, consisting of 177 meticulously crafted PBT keycaps, has been brought to life through the ingenious blend of advanced Doubleshot & Dye-Sub technology. When your fingers dance across these keys, you'll experience a typing journey like no other. The alluring CSA keycap profile has been thoughtfully designed to ensure every keystroke feels not only accurate but also incredibly comfortable.

From the grandeur of a full-sized keyboard to the sleek compactness of a 60% layout, these keycaps embrace keyboards of various sizes, ensuring every keystroke remains an expression of your thoughts. Whether you're writing prose, code, or diving into the vast sea of the internet, your keyboard becomes an extension of yourself.

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Made from wear-resistant PBT Plastic


Crafted using Double-Shot Technology


Embracing linguistic diversity


Dye-Sublimated Special Keys


This keycap ensemble comprises 177 PBT keycaps, featuring advanced Double-shot technology and 5 Dye-Sublimated Special Keys. With this combination, we guarantee enduring legends that never fade, even after a lifetime of use. Moreover, our versatile keycap set accommodates ALL conventional keyboard sizes (60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 96%, and Full Size). Notably, we provide multilingual support for 11 regions including DE/AT/GB/ES/PT/IT/FI/NO/SE/DK/US, and we proudly cover both ANSI and ISO layouts—all within a single keycap set!


Our keycap sets are expertly crafted from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), a top-tier thermoplastic known for its exceptional durability. In comparison to ABS, PBT offers a longer lifespan, maintaining keycap quality and texture even after extended use. With superior resistance to wear, chemicals, and UV damage, our PBT keycaps provide a lasting and high-quality keyboard customization experience, surpassing the performance of standard ABS alternatives.


It's worth noting that our keycaps are meticulously crafted using Double-Shot (double casting) technology. Each keycap is formed with two separate plastic molds, which are then combined under high temperatures and pressure. This intricate process ensures that the symbols on the keycaps become an integral part of the structure. As a result, the legends remain sharp and vibrant even after long and intensive use.


Crafted with precision using dye-sublimation technology, each key undergoes a meticulous heating & dyeing process, infusing it with vibrant colors and intricate designs. This ensures a lasting and visually captivating experience. Elevate your keyboard aesthetics with these special keys, where every detail is seamlessly preserved. Choose a keyboard customization that transcends the ordinary, offering a visual feast that perfectly complements your unique style.


Our keycap set is crafted for versatility, fitting popular layouts like 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 96%, and Full Size, seamlessly integrating with a diverse range of keyboards. Going beyond the standard, we offer multilingual support for regions like DE/AT/GB/ES/IT/FI/NO/SE/DK/US, enabling users from different linguistic backgrounds to effortlessly personalize their keyboards. Additionally, we cover both ANSI and ISO layouts, providing flexibility for a tailored and enhanced typing experience.



Our keycap sets are a celebration of cultural diversity as we support various languages, including English (both UK & US), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Austrian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. With each keycap, you can express yourself in the language that resonates with you, breaking down borders and allowing you to communicate effortlessly with people from different countries and cultures.


Language layout - DE/AT/GB/ES/PT/IT/FI/NO/SE/DK/US

Amount of keycaps - 177 PCs

Material - PBT

Production technology - Doubleshot & Dye-Sub (Space, Enter, Escape, ~)

Keycap profile - CSA

Layout - ANSI + ISO

Fastening type - MX (Cherry, G3MS, Gateron, Kailh, Akko, Outemu, ETC)

Keyboard Size Support: 100% - Full; 96%; 80% - TKL; 75%; 65%; 60%;