Dark Project unveiled a stellar lineup of 6 new Gaming Keyboards at Gamescom 2023

Limassol, Cyprus, September 07,2023

Dark Project, the European manufacturer of premium gaming peripherals, made a spectacular debut at Gamescom 2023, held in Cologne, Germany, from August 23rd to August 27th. At the Dark Project booth, visitors were introduced to six brand-new keyboard models designed specifically for the Central and Western European markets.

All keyboards featured at the exhibition come with pre-installed German ISO layouts. One of the unique advantages of these new models is the inclusion of additional keycap sets, enabling users to customize layouts for ten European countries, including the United Kingdom (ISO UK), Italy (ISO IT), Spain (ISO ES), Austria (ISO AT), Norway (ISO NO), Denmark (ISO DK), Sweden (ISO SE), Switzerland (ISO CH), and Finland (ISO FI).


Dark Project ONE KDO87 Fuji and Dark Project ONE KDO87 Night Sky are entry-level TKL keyboards featuring lubricated switches, customizable RGB backlighting, and new CSA-profile keycaps, providing an experience akin to using a premium custom device.

Dark Project DPP68 Sunrise offers a compact 60% solution with customizable RGB lighting, lubricated switches, noise isolation, double-shot PBT CSA-profile keycaps, and hot-swap support.

Dark Project DPP87 Ink stands as a premium TKL keyboard with customizable RGB lighting, lubricated switches, stabilizers, dual-layer noise isolation, double-shot PBT CSA-profile keycaps, and hot-swap capability.

Dark Project DPP83 Navy takes the flagship spot with a convenient 75% format, featuring customizable RGB lighting, lubricated switches, stabilizers, a sophisticated Silent Mount laid with thick silicone to reduce noise, double-shot PBT CSA-profile keycaps, and hot-swap support.

Dark Project DPP98 Sunset, another flagship model, is equipped with lubricated switches & stabilizers, double-shot PBT CSA-profile keycaps, Hot-swap, a fully programmable color display and a flex design construction that ensures the quietest and most pleasant typing experience.

Throughout the exhibition, these devices were successfully tested by thousands of visitors, hundreds of whom became delighted customers by making purchases right at the booth. All attendees praised the keyboards for their original design, created using sublimation, as well as the incredibly satisfying acoustic and tactile user experience. The initial batches of most models, numbering in the hundreds, were sold out on the spot during the exhibition.

The Dark Project EU team is pleased to announce that starting in September 2023, our new keyboards will be available for online purchase through our partner stores:





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