This device is brought to you by an international team of passionate engineers and designers. We put a lot of heart and effort into creating a product that can be proudly called a high-tech masterpiece. Now we hope you like it. Please enjoy!

DPP 87 Ink

Elegant premium level TKL keyboard with design that speaks volumes. Fast, quiet and reliable - this device brings your gaming and typing experience to the next level.

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16.8 million RGB colors

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To ensure the most satisfying typing experience we use only our exclusive quiet and smooth pre-lubed switches and high quality doubleshot keycaps. For your maximum comfort some keyboards is represented with both ANSI and ISO layout with additional keys for your country.

Greased stabilizers

During the keyboard's assembly process on the conveyor system, the stabilizers are greased, by hand. Greased stabilizers provide a smooth, pleasant feeling when pressed. Thanks to this process, they remain tactilely pleasant and produce a pleasant sound long after their departure from the factory.

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German layout with additional keys for Latvian, English (UK), Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish and Danish languages

Fully customizable RGB backlit

Compact 80% format to save maximum of desk space

Smooth and quite typing experience thanks to pre-lubed linear g3ms sapphire switches

Double layered silence foam for even better typing

Durable double shot PBT keycaps


Pre-lubed linear mechanical switches G3ms Sapphire

HotSwap technology support

Double shot PBT with CSA profile

N-key roll over (NKRO)

Polling frequency 1000 Hz

Customizable RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color shades

Shorter keyboard, 80% form factor

Detachable Type-C cable with a length of 1.8 meters

Compact size 324x133x58

Weight 884gr




Warranty card

Metal key/switch puller

Type-C cable

4 additional mechanical g3ms switches

8 additional keycap sets for different languages

System Requirements

PC with a free USB port

Win XP, 7, 8, 10, 11, MacOS

Additional software

Download Dark Project software