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Lightweight closed-back headphones that meet all modern
gaming headset standards.

Metal frame

The structure of the headset is based on a soft headband, made of high-quality eco-leather with a thick metal frame inside. Due to its versatility, this type of construction provides a snug fit, while maintaining comfort even during prolonged use.

Braided cable

The Dark Project HS-3 headphone cable is covered with a protective braid that protects against adverse effects.

Modular microphone

The detachable microphone of the HS-3 headset is equipped with a pop filter, and the flexible metal stem is covered with a rubberized layer of protection, and the highly detailed voice recording is sure to impress you and your teammates.

Control panel

A control panel is located on the keyboard wire, which makes it easy to mute the microphone and adjust the sound without having to open software or system settings.

Neodymium drivers 50 mm

With internal speaker architecture with neodymium magnets and closed drivers, high sound performance is ensured, positioning in games is clearly defined and their directionality is unmistakable.


  • Main
    • Frequency response - 20-20000 Hz
    • Sensitivity - 98 dB
    • Driver size diameters - 50 mm
    • Micriphone frequency respons - 100 - 10000 Hz
    • Microphone sensitivity - -42 dB